PRIVATE SESSION, $85 (1-2 people &  1- 2 dogs)

The ultimate way to relax & bond with your dog.

Reset and renew your mind, body, heart & soul with this 1-hour private session tailored specifically to you and your dog. 


"Jillie and I had a super sweet private session with Nicole from Austin Doga, LLC. I learned how to massage, yoga, and meditate with my senior pup. It was a beautiful shared experience that I will always remember and treasure." 




Schedule a class 3-4 people, 3 dog limit

This 1-hour private group doga session is a popular option for dog lovers and dog-friendly businesses who want to offer doga as a special treat for their very important friends, employees, volunteers, and clients. 


"Forty-five minutes later, class was over and the dogs were radiating a Zen-like presence on their way out the door." Shelley Bueche, Culture Map Austin


$125 includes a class size of up to 3 dogs and is held at our studio located in East Austin. Doga may be taught in the location of your choice with more than 3 dogs for an additional  travel fee. 









Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the yoga?  Me or my dog?

You do yoga while your dog hangs out, and soaks up the zen and gentle massage.  

What is the purpose of doga?

A fun activity with your dog.

Spend 1-on-1 time with your dog.

Relax, renew, and rejuvenate.

Learn how you and your dog can be each others' calming anchor.

Learn mindfulness techniques for lowering stress and coping with stress.


I have never done yoga before.  How difficult is it?

Austin Doga is beginner friendly.

Please inform Austin Doga, LLC of any injuries or medical conditions you have.

Poses will be modified just for your needs.

What should I bring with me?

Dog Leash (no retractable leashes, please)

A yoga mat (I have a few extra mats if you want to borrow one)

A blanket or towel for your dog 

Your dog's vaccination records

Why don't you offer more public group classes?

Goat yoga is all the rage and they offer TONS of group classes! So why aren't there more group doga classes? Practicing yoga with a class full of dogs who don't know each other is much trickier compared to yoga with a flock of little goats who belong together. Dogs who don't know each other could be fearful or snarky with each other. Practicing yoga while keeping an eye on your dog's behavior, directs your attention outward versus inward where you can find your zen.

Maximum benefits are delivered through one-on-one doga sessions or small group class with dogs who have established friend(dog)ships.

Will doga help correct my dog's problem behaviors?

Please consult a professional dog trainer or dog behaviorist for any training or behavior issues. 

Make sure your dog is getting it's needs met through professional training, food puzzles, and plenty of exercise and mental stimulation (maybe through agility or nose work classes).  Doga is not a substitute for these services and activities.


Will doga help my dog’s injury or medical condition?

Please see a veterinarian or canine medical specialist for any injuries and medical conditions. Austin Doga, LLC teaches human yoga poses and bonding tools to help you relax, renew, and nurture yourself and your dog.



CONTACT AUSTIN DOGA, LLC      (512) 413-3648


Doga is not a substitute for healthcare or dog training.